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Occupational biomechanics
Don B. Chaffin Gunnar B.J. Andersson Bernard J. Martin
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Classification 1
Author No. C
Title Occupational biomechanics
Registration No. 40038923
Edition 4th ed
Author Don B. Chaffin Gunnar B.J. Andersson Bernard J. Martin
Jpn. or Foreign
Publisher Wiley
Date of Pub. 2006
Price 20,670
Page xv, 360 p. ill.
Size 28 cm
ISBN 9780471723431
Notes Includes bibliographical references and index
Subjects LCSH:Work -- Physiological aspects MESH:Human mechanics MESH:Biomechanics MESH:Human Engineering MESH:Occupational Health
Contents Note 1 Occupational biomechanics as a speciality
Contents Note 2 The structure and function of the musculoskeletal system
Contents Note 3 Anthropometry in occupational biomechanics
Contents Note 4 Mechanical work capacity evaluation
Contents Note 5 Bioinstrumentation for occupational biomechanics
Contents Note 6 Occupational biomechanical models
Contents Note 1 Methods of classifying and evaluating manual work
Contents Note 2 Manual material-handling limits
Contents Note 3 Guidelines for work in sitting postures
Contents Note 4 Biomechanical considerations in machine control and workplace design
Contents Note 5 Hand-tool design guidelines
Contents Note 6 Guidelines for whole-body and segmental vibration
Contents Note 1 Worker selection, training and personal protective device consideration

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